Over the last several years, Republicans in Lansing have won many victories for taxpayers. These wins are vital to improving our great state and ensuring that the ‘Lost Decade’ has become a memory.

As your Secretary of State, I have made it my mission to lead many of these victories. For example:

  • Cutting 25% of the government employees in our offices, while at the same time making both on-line and branch office services easier and better for our customers.
  • Continuing to focus on making Michigan’s elections safe, fair and transparent – ensuring the power and integrity of your vote.
  • Protecting consumers by fighting against fraud and abuse – I formed the Office of Investigative Services, which tackles fraud, whether by unscrupulous businesses or by citizens trying to cheat the system.
  • Purging 1.1 million individuals from Michigan’s voter rolls who were deceased, dual registered or non-citizens, preventing potential fraud.

Working for families in Oakland & Genesee Counties:

  • When I served as State Representative, I investigated fraud and abuse in intermediate school districts, fighting for subpoena power.
  • As the Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds, I cut $1 million from the budget, reduced staff by 20 percent and tripled online services. I was awarded 14 national awards for programs that save money, improve efficiency and protect ID.

In 2018, I hope to have the great opportunity to serve in the Michigan Senate as the member from the 14th District serving southern Genesee County and northern Oakland County.  If elected, I commit to continue protecting our families, stopping fraud and abuse, eliminating waste, strengthening public education and making state government work for all citizens.